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Atomic Mass

Atomic Mass

B McArthur | 1,000+ Installs

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Inspired by some of my favorite old school arcade shooters! Atomic Mass is a Hyper-Action dual joystick 3D twitch shooter video game. Do battle at the atomic level.

You are in control of a single graviton outfitted with a nanotech power source and personal protective shield. The power ring powers the JUMP, SHOCKWAVE & FIREBALL abilities. Your mission is to destroy all enemy cubes.


Battle over 300 enemies simultaneously!

Powerful physics and rendering engine supporting collision detection, mass, friction, inertia and explosive forces.

Multiple weapons systems powerups and add-ons.

High performance 3D audio engine.

50 unique levels.

Statistical tracking of level scores, time rating and chain kills.

Global hi-score tracking system.

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