ProD&D Initiative Tracker

ProD&D Initiative Tracker

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Do you keep losing track of which rpg character is diseased prone or unconscious?

Are you lost in a forest of initiatives and hp?

Do you want to manage larger encounters without the paper trail?

Then this app is for you!

With this initiative tracker you can keep track of the order of players, monsters and assign them conditions while playing tabletop RPGs with your friends.

Features include:
* Links to pathfinder source and documents for conditions.
* Track iniative scores with an auto sorted list.
* Add/Remove Conditions and ailment status to your characters.
* Roll initiative for everyone at the tap of a button.
* Pathfinder and DnD compatible!
* All conditions have descriptions referenced to their original documents.

If you're willing, you can unlock the pro for the price of a cup of coffee a month and get the following too:
* A Random Encounter Generator.
* Save more than 5 encounters.
* Our gratitude!
* More references and features added at your request! Just e-mail us!