Finder: Hatsune Miku Game

Finder: Hatsune Miku Game

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Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Dive into a new adventure of music and colors helping the world famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku© at her presentation at the concert, collects all the music sheet of the song Finder © which are scattered throughout the levels where intuition and logic take an important role in the course of play.


- Great Adventure
- Levels inspired in her colorful videos.
- Achievements System.
- Autosave system.
- Variety of puzzles.
- Helps Miku in certain levels using your powers.
- Power-ups objects.

Requirements Android 4+ 1GB RAM Processor Dual or Higher

- If you have the old version of the game installed, please uninstall and install this new one if you have problems in the loading screen.
- In the maze you can beat it following the blue cubes up in each corner of the walls or follow the rabbit.

Hatsune Miku © Crypton Future Media 2007

This game is free, non-commercial purposes without ads, not required any purchase for improvements for the game.

Sell this game is prohibited.