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Make maths fun with Math Attax, children learn when they're having fun and this game aims to make maths fun! You'll learn how to play quickly, move around the different grids (+, -, /, *) to hit the falling numbers to beat your opponent and the ticking clock. If you need to turbo charge your addition, subtraction, division, multiplication skills then this is the game for you! Practice Maths and have fun!

Make Maths Fun! Kids / children learn when they're having fun.

Practice your sums, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication with MathAttax!

You can play single player against the computer or challenge a friend using the 2 player mode.

There's also a tournament with 3 different game modes available:
1. "Number Drop" - the classic game where you move around the operator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) grids targeting the falling numbers.
2. "Symbol Strike" - the inverse of the number drop, where you move around number grids and hit the falling operators instead.
3. "Mix It Up" - the best of both worlds! There's a switch object that falls and the game flip flops between "Number Drop" and "Symbol Strike"!

In all 3 games you'll get to practice sums and sharpen up on your addition, subtraction, multiplication, division skills.

Improve your mental math skills with this cool quick game! Kids learn when they're having fun!