Origins of an Empire - Real-time Strategy MMO

Origins of an Empire - Real-time Strategy MMO

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In Origins of an Empire, you are the descendant of a once great medieval royal dynasty, fighting for survival on a mysterious continent full of vampires, werewolves, wizards, and alchemists. Your family was lost in a struggle for power. In order to survive, you must walk a dangerous tightrope between unnatural forces and the hostility of the throne, all the while rebuilding your power from the humblest of beginnings.

A rich story and exquisite palace make it easy to immerse yourself in realistic medieval royal life. Strengthening your kingdom requires more than simply rising through the ranks of the royal court, you'll also need to find a suitable consort, raise children, marry off relatives, recruit advisers, and engage in diplomacy.


Rise Through the Ranks: Start out as an unknown nobody and work your way up to become king!
Meet Enchanting Beauties: Sexy or cute? Noble or common? Choose from an army of beauties!
Raise an Heir: Father a son, raise him to manhood, and watch him become heir to your throne!
Diplomatic Marriages: Form marriage bonds with the aristocracy of other realms and hold grand weddings!
Recruit Wise Advisers: Attract a wide variety of heroes to your banner, to fight for you in battle and help you rule your kingdom!
Arena: Take part in unique PVP gameplay. Choose your strongest army and fight against other lords in real-time!
Dungeons: When facing different kinds of foe, you'll need to choose the heroes and troop types that are best suited to defeating them!
Alliance Diplomacy: Establish diplomatic relations, seek out allies, and eliminate your enemies together!