Drugstore 2 Supermarket FREE

Drugstore 2 Supermarket FREE

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Drugstore 2: Supermarket Kids Games FREE lets you Grocery Shop, Drugstore Shop & Shop at the Candy, Coffee Shop, and Supermarket Grocery Store all in one!!

Have you ever wanted to run a Supermarket, Grocery Store, Shop at the Drugstore just like Mom? Then stop off at the Coffee Shop for a pastry or treat, and the Candy Shop too! Also hit the Vending Machines and grab a soda or candy after school is out!

Drugstore 2: Supermarket Kids has a Drugstore & Convenience store for those quick items you need on the run! It also has a Supermarket Grocery Store, Vending Machine area to shop for snacks, drinks & candy! A Coffee Shop, a Candy Shop, and a Grocery store all in one game!!

Play Drugstore & Pharmacy and stock up on medicine, bandaids, first aid kits, and more! Stock up on snacks, drinks & food at the Drugstore, as well as Baby Care, Makeup & Perfume, Personal Care items and more!!

Play Supermarket and shop for fruits, veggies, and other items you find at the Grocery Store!

Then Shop at the Candy Shop & Coffee shop as well - grab a drink, then get some candy before you head home!!

Then make one more stop at the Vending Machines, where you can select from 3 Vending Machines and choose from candy, ice cream, snacks, chips, drinks and more!!

This game has it all! Every Shopping venue all in one game! The best part is, you can play as both cashier and customer in this one!!