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    ⚽ Big Head Soccer ⚽ is a free to play soccer game in which you can challenge the most famous players in the world. Enjoy playing in our 4 game modes and defeat your opponents until you become the legend of the Big Head Soccer world!

    This soccer game consists of four game modes, each one more challenging than the previous one, so you can experience soccer from beginner and novice to Champion and Legend, until you become the God of the Big Head Soccer world.

    Enjoy playing the Leagues and Cups that we have for you. Improve your player’s skills in Friendly mode and test it in Survival mode!

    ⚽Big Head Soccer League 🏆

    Within the Big Head Soccer League you can find 10 different levels, each more challenging than the previous one, where you can compete against 7, 11 and 15 of the most outstanding teams in the world, until you become the ruler of the Big Head Soccer League.
    Enjoy soccer as famous player, get rewards, improve your character's abilities, customize your equipment and defeat your opponent until you become the ruler of the Big Head Soccer League.

    ⚽Big Head Soccer Cup 🏆

    In Cup you compete in 10 different categories of 8 and 16 teams. From the Beginner’s Cup to the Champion’s Cup you compete in groups of 8 teams, which will face each other in 3 matches to crown the winner.

    From the Star’s Cup to the King’s Cup you will face the most outstanding players in the world in groups of 16 teams, which will compete in 4 matches to crown the winner.

    Get your rewards, improve your character’s skills and move along in the ranking until you become the 👑King of the Big Head Soccer Cup.

    Score as many goals as you can! ⚽⚽⚽ to move along in the ranking. You get rewarded in coins for each goal you score.

    ⚽Friendly 🥇

    This is the best chance to improve your player’s skills!
    In friendly mode, you can select your opponent according to its average skills level.
    Master the jump, improve your speed and precision and power up your shot to defeat the most famous players of the Big Head Soccer world 🌏

    ⚽Survival 🥇

    If you think you have what it takes to play soccer in survival mode...what are you waiting for!

    In survival mode, you have 3 lives, while your opponent has only 1! You lose a life for every goal you receive against, so hurry and score a goal before your opponent scores first! ⚽⚽


    The Editor allows you to customize your player. Choosing between combinations of shoes and equipment your character will improve its skills while wearing them.

    You can choose between different categories of items 🎽👟 from basic ones to the legendary ones! Soon we will have new items, so be patient.

    For a better experience, Big Head Soccer includes tablet support to get the most out of the best graphics!

    Don’t wait any longer and download the game for free!

    Your feedback helps us improve. If you have any comments, contact us!

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