Japanese Quiz N5

Japanese Quiz N5

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    Derwinc is proud to present かたかな (Katakana) style of trivia game! It is a fun and addicting game that will challenge your 日本語 (Japanese language) skills and abilities to recognize the 外来語 (foreign adapted word) while entertaining you at the same time!

    If you love Japanese and consider a good puzzle to be fun then you’ll love Quiz N5. All of the words are common, and it’s up to you to figure it out what that is!! As with all of our games, the beginning is quite easy but the game gets harder over time!


    Open the game and tap "PLAY". You'll be presented with 4 random pictures. Your goal is to guess what WORD all 4 PICS have in common! Letters are provided for you to type with. Tap the letters to place them on the game board. Tapping letters again will remove letters from the game board.

    Getting questions correct will earn coins. Coins can be used on HINTS!


    "Expose A Letter" - This hint reveals a correct letter within the puzzle!

    "Remove Letters" - This hint will remove some of the letters NOT used in the word puzzle solution.

    "Solve the Question" - If things get really tough, you can always use the puzzles to solve the question completely and move on to the next!

    "Ask a Friend" - Use Facebook to send questions directly to your friends. Your friends can solve the question for you and send the answer back directly to you!


    -SEND & RECEIVE FREE COINS - The more friends that play, the more free coins you can send and receive!

    Happy Quiz solving! :)