Mr. Bridge Arcade: Become a Builder in a Tap 2019

Mr. Bridge Arcade: Become a Builder in a Tap 2019 | 500+ Installs

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    Mr. Bridge is a new endlessly fun and challenging arcade game!
    Exciting yet infuriating at times, Mr. Bridge is the ultimate addictive challenge as a one-minute time killer or hours of emotive fun gameplay!!!

    The aim is to get the character to the next column and earn points. Your challenges are to build a bridge plank which connects two columns. You do this by tapping and holding your finger on the screen to build the adequate bridge plank length which will connect the two columns, then release to fall into place. Ready to become a builder??? There is nothing like this new addictive arcade game!

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    It may sound easy, but when the distances between the columns start to change drastically you may find it’s not as easy as you originally thought. Holding the tap too long or too short will make the bridge longer/shorter than the gap between the two columns and your character will fall into the abyss... If that happens, game over. You’ll start the tapping all over again!

    Key Features:
    ???? Easy to learn yet hard to master;
    ???? Simple & Beautiful graphics;
    ???? Addictive and engaging challenge;
    ???? Play for a few minutes or hours at a time.
    ???? The ultimate time killer

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    How to play:
    ???? Tap to start the plank and hold to get the right length, then release in order to stack;
    ???? Go on running and collect as much diamonds as you can;
    ???? Conquer the far horizons;
    ???? Unlock new characters;
    ???? Don't fall and keep on the path;

    ⭐ Lots of unusual challenges
    ⭐ Many different characters to run
    ⭐ A system of upgrades
    ⭐ Refined physics
    ⭐ Smooth character animations
    ⭐ Cool background music
    ⭐ The Perfect time killing game

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    Challenging, emotive and blissfully simple to play. Mr. Bridge will have you hooked on tapping as far on the connecting stack bridges as possible. Playing this arcade game is simple and fun, but also challenging and rewarding.

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