Baseball Home Run Clash 2019 - Baseball Challenge

Baseball Home Run Clash 2019 - Baseball Challenge

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Baseball Home Run Clash 2019 - Baseball Challenge is the game of baseball in 'FULL HD’ graphics. High quality 3d characters showcasing the game of baseball like never played before.

In Match mode you can play against virtual player. Virtual player is an AI player or bot who is smart enough to give you tough competition.
Bowling speed is random. You need to bet some cash before game starts. Virtual player plays at the same time as you play. You can see his screen on top left corner of your screen.

In Challenge Mode, you have to beat opponent team in given situation and make your team win. 1000 cash will be awarded on completing challenge mode.
In Endless mode, you as a single batter can bat endlessly. You can score as much as you can.
In Missions mode/Career mode, you have to build your career by accomplishing some missions.

Full user control on batting shots. Timing is the key here. If timing is good then you can score home runs, 3X or 2X.
You just need to time the shot properly to score runs. Bad timing can get you out of the field. 

Tap anywhere on screen on hit the shot.

You can play as your favourite team. There are 3 regions i.e. USA, Canada and Europe. You can select any team from these regions.

Rules will be same as International baseball matches or Premium League matches.

So get ready and Pad up yourself. Play as your favourite Baseball challenge team and beat opponent team in Mission or Challenge mode.

Baseball Star 2019 - Flick Hit Home Run Features
- Always handy: 6 innings in match mode
- Casual characters and serious game mechanics
- Best graphics and music
- You can play base running manually
- Awesome game play
- 3 best interesting modes
- Rename, gear up, and customize your players
- Offline mode available
Turn your stick fast and accurately to achieve maximum points and victory. won the 2019 baseball tournament and was crowned as your favorite baseball star.