Head Soccer Champion

Head Soccer Champion

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    Football game that is played by Heads!

    Create a LEAGUE or CUP, and play with your friends or against computer.

    Challenge with your friends on multiplayer mode, or beat opponents to level up on single player mode.

    Don't forget to use power-ups. Otherwise leveling-up will be really hard.

    # To control heads, you can use Arrows or Joystick controllers.
    Or you can tap screen to move the character wherever you want by choosing Hold Char controller.
    - to go left, tap left side of the character.
    - to go right, tap right side of the character.
    - to Jump, swipe up or tap upside of the character.

    Buy and Use power-ups to beat opponent.
    #Hit Power Up: you can't even see the ball!
    #Block Activator: you can go forward, if you have a moving block on your goal!

    Change rules of the game. Shorten finish time, lower finish score or opposite etc.

    #I hope you like the game.

    # Don't forget to check on my other game, HEAD VOLLEYBALL!