Tank Shooting Battle Force - Armored Warfare

Tank Shooting Battle Force - Armored Warfare

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Engage in an exciting and thrilling tank warfare with your battle tank! Rise against the nefarious enemies who only want to destroy your country. Steer your panzer tank in evasive movement, and shoot down all enemies who are attacking you from the air or from the land in a dangerous crossout. It’s the rise of the machines, and only the best tank man will win when they are at war with army strykers. Our addictive tank war game is FREE to play, so download now and enjoy!

Who knows being a tank man can be so challenging? Battling dangerous choppers, tanks, and other battle vehicles behind enemy lines are very challenging. They move in evasive movement while shooting you down. You also have to move your battle tank in evasive movement while closing up to your enemies so you can shoot them down. If you get aggressive and act quickly you can handle waves and waves of attackers even though you are behind enemy lines and get shot all the time. That’s why you need to practice so you can move quickly to kill enemies in this brutal tank war.

We take great care to create a beautiful & realistic environment so our players can really feel like they’re in the middle of battlefield, behind enemy lines. Aside from the graphic, we also create very realistic sound effects and great background music to accompany you when you battle in this rise of the machines battle.
Controlling your panzer tank, aiming, and shooting down enemies are super simple and smooth. You only have to move the left joystick to control the panzer tank movement and middle joystick to aim. Press the right buttons to shoot down the army strykers before they can shoot you. You can also set the control sensitivity level on Setting.
We provide 4 levels that you should complete. Each level has its own challenges and enemy. When you are at war with army as strong as these guys, you don’t want to mess up! After you complete the main objective of a level, you will unlock the next mission. However, you can still keep playing and defeating the enemies to get more gold.
As you progress in the game, each wave is more dangerous than the next and the standard weapons and shield that you have when you first start will not be enough for you. The good news is, you can upgrade your shield and weapons!
Use the gold you get from the missions to upgrade your battle tank’s damage, damping, shield, or to get friendly fire to help you in this nefarious combat when you are at war with army strykers.

So, are you ready to take on the enemies on dangerous crossouts? Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate soldier and tank man in our tank warfare game?
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