Reach the Number Lite

Reach the Number Lite

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Reach the Number (RtN) is an original puzzle game of math. You have to Reach the Number using the four mathematical operations.

-- RtN: A mix of Countdown, Candy Crush and 2048: A cool mix indeed! --

+ Flex your math muscles or help your kid get good at math!

+ Easy to learn and enjoy.

+ Every game is randomized but fair. No two games are the same.

+ Incudes many Challenge modes for different flavours (Most of them are locked in Lite).

+ Respects your time. Reach the Number warns you frequently to take a break (Optional).

+ No In-App purchases. Buy once, play forever!

+ New Challenges will be added regulary (only in the Full version)

+ Increase your math skills by 99.99999% (...not really... OK, maybe a bit.)!

+ Share you high-scores with the world!

*** This version of Reach the Number is ad supported and most of the challenges are locked. If you would like to support me and enjoy all the features of the game please consider buying the Full version ***


* Your goal is to make your Number in the middle of the board equal to the Reach number.
* You do this by touching a block. When you touch it, it is destroyed and its corresponding operation is applied to your Number.
* If two blocks with the same operation collide, they merge into one.
* When you touch a number at the top, it falls down and comes into play, costing you 1 Move. If Moves hit 0, you can no longer do this. After that, when you clean the board, it is game over.
* If you clean the board before your Moves hitting 0, the whole board will be refilled costing only 4 Moves (1 for each column)