Math Riddles | Math Puzzles and Math Riddles Game

Math Riddles | Math Puzzles and Math Riddles Game

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Math Riddles is a math puzzle game only for the high IQ brains

WARNING: Math Riddles game is very addictive!!

5000 Math riddles are waiting out there, it's unbeatable, challenge your brain with a lot of equations and be the math solver.

You will face some algebra and other math riddles that you have to solve
Math Riddles is not like other math games, because the other math games are limited, but Math Riddles is limitless.
All equations and formulas in Math riddles are hidden in geometrical figures, so you will not be bored when solving Math Riddles.

How Math riddles works?

In Math Riddles you must look at the geometrical figures with
an open mind to conclude the formulas and equations.

Math Riddles is ONLY for smart and intelligent brains, but you can try
solving math games and math riddles, it will expand your math solving skills.

What is in the box?

Math Riddles contains 5000 UNIQUE riddle.
✓Geometrical figures to make it more fun.
✓Hints at every level to give you a hand if the level is hard.
✓Answer button if you fail to solve the math riddle.
✓Nice graphics to satisfy your eyes.
✓A lot of equations hidden in the geometrical figures with helpful hints to conclude them.

Math Riddles have following Categories:

»Other hidden mathematics

Math Riddles is so challenging so prepare your brain and your
calculator, you will need it to solve the Math Riddles.