Math puzzles, math riddles, math games. Math.

Math puzzles, math riddles, math games. Math.

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Math riddles, in the form of a game, are able to increase the level of IQ.
Test yourself at various levels of math riddles, and expand the boundaries of your mind.

Each level was designed following the example of an IQ test.

You will improve your math skills using these math games, those that we hid in geometric shapes and math riddles. You will improve the work of both hemispheres of the brain, studying the relationship between numbers and geometric shapes, you can keep your IQ at a high level.

Various levels of puzzles are relevant for adults and children.

How to solve a math riddles?
You look to the numbers and their sequence in the riddles, try to determine the logic and enter the missing numbers.
The application contains mathematical riddles or puzzles of various levels of complexity and participants who have a high ability for analytical thinking, instantly determine the pattern.

What do you get solving puzzles?

- A math puzzle develops focus and concentration.
- Geometric puzzles help find patterns and establish cause-effect relationships.
- Puzzles help you think logically, abstractly and strategically
- Also, math puzzles contribute to improved memorization.

Logical riddles, solve riddles with overstrain in the form of a game.
Riddles with memorization, increase visual memory and develops skills in solving everyday tasks.

Our game is free, but if you find it difficult to answer, you can look at the advertisement and thus get a hint or find out the answer to the problem.

We wish you a pleasant game. If you have any questions you may have, you can contact us by email.