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Smash Car - realistic, dynamic game, offering you to try unreal physics for mobile devices.

You want us to add your favorite car?
Today you can already start to offer us the car how to do?
Option 1:
Write a comment to the game with the name of your favorite car and it will appear in the game in the next update. true car
Option 2:
Go to our official groups in social networks and in email discussions on which car to add to the game, we will do it!
We try to improve our game and physics which is the only on mobile platforms, and most importantly free, participate in polls and help the project grow!
Wreckfest game it's cool
Soft-body physics for the first time on mobile devices!
Choose a car and go to split it into different maps, which we developed specifically for one purpose, to chase and destroy a car.
Soon we are going to add mode Derby with artificial intelligence that would play you even more interesting!
Also in the mode of Derby derby car will be online mode.
if you are a real fan of games such as BeamNG or Next Car Game, you are required to install our game on your device.
Destroy cars, earn money, buy new cars and new levels, and you'll play and play our car destruction game. true car
Wreckfest game it's cool

Game feature:
★ Realistic crash damage physics of the true car.
★ A large selection of cars and technology, with the ability to add their cars!
★ The effect of time dilation, that will give you more action in the game.
★ Simple controls..
★ Very high quality soundtracks for our game!
★ Atmospheric maps with lots of obstacles.
★ Realistic graphics and effects for a very powerful devices..

How to play?
Go to the game, choose a crash car next car and choose a map, and forward smash, destroy, blow up a car.

For the first time on mobile devices, you can try a new physics engine for soft bodies and start breaking machines. Our physics engine of soft bodies can crush any detail of your car.

Very realistic crash of car behavior, you will get a real adrenaline in case of accidents, because they are very realistic and cruel.
The game is fully optimized for mobile devices, and supports touch screen.

The environment and vehicles in Smash Car are made by hand with great attention to detail.
We analyzed a lot of games, and vehicles, now we know how it works.
Accidents on crash of car and cars smash crash car - a very epic moment, to destroy car easily, you just need to drive and smash cars.

Our game like beamng drive gmbh is a realistic car crash simulator.
Thanks to the unique physics of soft bodies, the player gets realistic damage to the car accident in various collisions, crash car, car smash you will really like.
The game has everything, too, as in the beam ng drive, but there is no storyline or any tasks, the player decides what to do.
All cars are worked out in detail, the structure and components are taken into account, which gives additional realism.
The Smash car crashes accident game is a mobile beamng drive where we demonstrate the physics of soft bodies and its capabilities, in which each impact realistically reflects on the car.
And despite the fact that there is no plot, ride and smash cars are very fun at. At the start you are waiting for 5 different cars and 4 cards.
If you are tired of racing simulators with primitive car damage crashes, then try this simulator, because it's car crash (crash car).

It is worth noting that Smash car accidents is under development, so there may be minor flaws with the work of the physics of damage (crash car).

The game Smash car accidents is very demanding on the characteristics of your device, we ask you to understand that this is a very serious physics and for all the problems you encounter, please contact us through our official communities