Next Chess Move

Next Chess Move

Next Chess Move LLC | 1,000+ Installs

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Drag pieces to any position. Hit the Calculate button and Next Chess Move will give you the strongest move it can find.

NCM runs Stockfish 10 directly on your device. The app also includes free access to the Stockfish 10, GNU Chess 6.2.5, and LcZero running on NCM's single CPU core hardware.

The optional NCM Pro in-app purchase (one year subscription) includes access to powerful hardware and engines that significantly enhance the strength of move calculations:

• Dual Xeon E5-2680 v2 20 CPU-core servers
• RTX 2080 GPUs for LcZero
• 6-man syzygy tablebases on SSD drives
• Stockfish development builds for up-to-the-minute improvements to the engine