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*This is somewhat modified version of the actual board game.*

User can choose to enter their own location or chose a random one from the list. If everyone wants to play the game, it is wise to allow the app to chose a random location. Otherwise, a narrator can choose to enter a custom location.

After this, each person will get to see the location. The user has to pass the device and allow each member to see it. Among this, one of the players will be a spy. The game begins as soon as the stopwatch starts. One of the players begins by asking any of the members a question, calling him by name: “So tell me, Bob...". The questions usually pertain to the current location. This is prudent, but " not mandatory. Questions are asked once; no follow-up questions are allowed. " Answers can take any form. The task of the game is to figure out who is "Spy". Enjoy!

Each game is 8 minutes long!