Oddly Satisfying Game! Try Not To Get Satisfied

Oddly Satisfying Game! Try Not To Get Satisfied

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Enjoy mindfulness for kids with these amazing series of oddly satisfying & super relaxing viral trends that will help you relaxing and satisfy you in a way you could never imagine. Getting kids to calm down can b one of the toughest part of the day for any parent. This game bring a strange mindfulness to everyone with antistress relaxation toys and the most satisfying part is doing those activities with your volume on. Calm yourself with oddly satisfying ASMR sounds in some of the ultimate source of satisfaction activities. Have fun with squishy collection with amazing pressing poking squishing activities along with the hydraulic press experiment, fidget spinners and jelly cutting and a lot more viral trends!

ASMR Slime activites:
Poke, press and stretch this amazing toy in your favorite glitter & crunchy colors for an oddly satisfying experience, also enjoy the funny slime fails & slime coloring and try not to get satisfied.

ASMR soap Cutting:
Relax with the most satisfying soap cubes activity using a knife for soap carving first and then swiping the knife to drop satisfying cubes. Enjoy rainbow unicorn colored soap hacks for extra fun.

DIY Anti stress Squish Ball:
Put your mind at ease & experiment with this squishy stress ball by pressing it for some brain calming effect and enjoy squishy balls cut open and enjoy. Enjoy the biggest collection of squishies in amazing colors.

Fidget Spinner:
The biggest collection of these spinny fidgets are here in your favorite designs including paper spinner & ninja star fidget spinner with glow in the dark light effects. Spin and enjoy the ASMR sounds.

Hydraulic press:
Experiment hydraulic press with different amazing objects like dynamites, squishes, balls, glasses and so much more for an amazing experience.

1000 Degree glowing Knife:
Experimenting 1000 degree glowing knife will be really fun with oddly satisfying crayon melting in front of your eyes. Enjoy 1000 degree knife vs slime and different objects!

Soft Jelly Wire Mesh Cutting:
How can you miss cutting your jiggly jelly with the wire mesh during a collection of ASMR activities.

Satisfying Window Cleaning:
Clean the window, relax and enjoy amazing sceneries behind this satisfying cleaning.