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Tonk (Tunk) is one of the most popular card games by OEngines studio. Tonk is kind of Rummy game The best 2 or 3 player card game Tonk is now ready for android mobile phones and tablets with high qualities. Tonk is most popular in USA,North American Country.
The main contribution of our game is playing offline Tonk Card Game its challenging system bots with Strong AI, classy graphics and smooth game play. Tonk also knock as Tunk Card game, tunk game.
Tonk Offline offers you a great experience against Great AI. You can play in many different game modes such as Classic mode, No Knock (Only Tonk) Mode.

==== Tonk Strategies ====
-The object of the game is to spread or hit maximum card with valid sequence or sets.
-A run or sequence consists of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order, such as ♣ 4, ♣ 5, ♣ 6 or ♥ 7, ♥ 8, ♥ 9, ♥ 10, ♥ J.
-A sets or sequences is three or four cards of the same rank, such as ♦ A, ♥ A, ♠ A.
-Iff In First round any user have 49 or 50, 13 or fewer count result declared "AUTO WIN".
-Once user have low count offer to knock game. And iff count is zero user declare "TONK OUT","TONK".
-Note : In Tonk the Ace is always low. A-2-3 is a valid sequence but A-K-Q is not.

==== Variations ====
=>Classic (Knocking)
-In Classic Knock, only a player knock with any low count. Once user spread cards user restict to knock game till next 3 rounds, Once user able to knockand as low count "KNOCK" option declare result, Iff user haven't low count then user fine penalty with boot amount.

=>No Knock (Only Tonk)
-In No Knock there is no knocking. All players must be attempt to TONK. and the player who TONK first is the winner.

-Private Table : user can choose customr boot amount, game mode, game player
-And Play On table for default boot amount and customize game mode and player number.

-Get 50,000 Free coins as a Welcome Bonus, and get even more coins by collecting your “Daily Bonus” every day!
-Get more free chips through play available Mini Game, that is purely assumption based. User assume next card is high or low compare to open previous card.
-Bet more and win more.

==== Game Features ====
♣ Interactive UI and animations effects.
♥ Tonk Offline have also Leader board is avail for compete to other world-wide player. Google play center is helping to find out players position in leader board.
♣ Weekly quests available with existing deals to get extra bonus.
♥ Daily and time based bonus in game for more interesting it.
♣ Tonk offers the strategy elements of Texas Hold’em Poker and luck elements of Slot games,Daily reward Roulette with Crazy graphics.
♥ Best sounds effects and easy controls to group cards.
♣ Easy Controls to user can easily take and throw card from suit.
♥ Tonk Offline brings this classic 2-player or 3-player contract rummy card game to Google Play.

-Tonk Offline Game is Download for Free!
-Tonk Card game is a king of card game.
-With plenty of features,Tunk Game brings you a really unique gaming experience.

Enjoy Gaming.