Virtual Dice D20

Virtual Dice D20

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Super easy dice rolling!
How to use:

1. Open application
2. Select die you want to roll
3. View results and enjoy!

Pressing the back key will exit the app, and dice will be reset.
There is also a Reset button you can use to reset the dice manually.
If you use the Home key to exit the app, the current "latest rolls" will still be available the next time you open the app.
However if you use an app or task killer, it will reset the values.

Current features d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4, d2, d%, true random numbers!

Features planned:
random number generator 1 - anything the user sets :D
modifiers for keeping track of customizable stats
timed rolls with warning sound before a new automated roll - Great for keeping a steady pace.
pause feature for timed rolls