Rubik's Cube BeRubiker

Rubik's Cube BeRubiker

Samjo Orto Olivo | 10,000+ Installs

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You just want to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube? Or you can already solve the rubik's cube, but you want to get better and faster to become a speedcuber?
BeRubiker will help you to realize your expectations:

This app includes customized simulations for all kinds of algorithms, to help you understanding it faster. BeRubiker will give you an overview of all different methods and teaches you how to solve it correctly.

The beginner's solution in this app is an easy transition into intermediate and advanced method, the Fridrich Method. This is one of the most popular methods to solve a Rubik's Cube in a very fast way.

For the beginners:
This app will guide you to use the layer-by-layer(LBL) method.
In the 1. Layer two steps are needed to get the solution:
- Solving the four edges of the top layer
- Solving the four corner of the top layer

In the 2. Layer you will solve the four edge pieces of the middle layer.

The 3. Layer is broken down into 4 steps. In every step we only need to learn 1 algorithm. To reach the goal we will apply the same algorithm more than 1 time depending from the actual situation:
- Orienting the edges
- Orienting the corners
- Positioning the corners
- Positioning the edges

If you want to improve your skills after training with the beginner method, but you don't want to learn a lot of algorithms like in the Fridrich Method, the FLLL(Four Look Last Layer) is your choice.

Fridrich Method:
If you are looking for faster solving methods, this app will help you to learn the algorithms used in the Fridrich Method, that consists of 4 steps:
- Cross
- First 2 layer (F2L)
- Orientation of the last layer (OLL)
- Permutation of the last layer (PLL)

BeRubiker supports now the Edit Mode. In this mode you are able to create your own algorithm and save it. Only the F2l, OLL and PLL are supported.
This app also allows you to play various games where you can use and train the abilities you will have learned.