Airgun Calc

Airgun Calc

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This is an airgun calculator to provide you with conversion of data to assist you to understand the airgun specifications to your preferred data set. Below we have listed the possibilities so far in current version.

MPS to FPS conversion
FPS to MPS conversion
Finding muzzle energy (foot-pounds and joules) from grains and velocity
Finding velocity from muzzle energy (foot-pounds) and pellet weight
Foot-pounds to Joules conversion
Joules to Foot-pounds conversion

2. Length
Feet to yards conversion
Feet to meters conversion
Yards to feet conversion
Yards to meters conversion
Meters to feet conversion
Meters to yards conversion

3. Average
Calculate avarage up to 10 shots

4. Misc
Grams to grains conversion
Grains to grams conversion
BAR to PSI conversion
PSI to BAR conversion