2048 Merge Bricks - Number Puzzle - 2048 Solitaire

2048 Merge Bricks - Number Puzzle - 2048 Solitaire

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    About Game
    A bricks merge Solitaire game and 2048 puzzle.
    Pull bricks and drop them on the Solitaire stack.
    Take a bricks & drop on stack to merge the bricks with same number.
    You can also skip the bricks if you don’t wan’t to merge
    Hammer is used to break bricks.

    How to Play ?
    You start with 2 bricks with some number value
    Like in 2048 you goal is to merge bricks and make 2048.
    You do it by dragging bricks from top middle bricks stack, if you merge 2 bricks with the same number they will merge and added.
    Wild bricks will merge with any value.
    Also, if you have a bricks in your hand that you don't want than you can put in skip bricks.
    When you don’t wan’t any bricks used hammer.

    Who can play ?
    Anybody can play this game,no age limit to play game.

    Game Features
    Realistic graphics and ambient sound.
    Realistic stunning and amazing animations.
    Real-time particles & effects
    Smooth and simple controls.
    User friendly interface and interactive graphics.

    Important Point
    Merge same number bricks
    Try to build the column of numbers in descending order starting from the bigger number.
    If you have a bricks that might ruin your setup, than skip bricks is a better way to play.
    You can see the next bricks , so plan ahead.

    It offers hours of fun so you’ll never be bored.
    You decide how you want to pace it and because games are quick and easy to follow, there is no need to worry about losing game progress.
    The game is small and does not take up much space or data on your phone.
    It’s a single player game which means you can constantly challenge yourself to a better score.
    It’s not too easy, so you won’t get bored quickly. But at the same time, 2048 is not so difficult that a pro mathematician is the only one who could have success.
    It teaches you to estimate, think quickly and strategize by planning your next moves and considering how it will affect the board and which combination of movements will have the desired outcome.
    It’s so easy to share with your friends and they’ll love you for doing so.