Police officer criminal case investigation games

Police officer criminal case investigation games

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Are you ready to prove your investigation officer skills? Join the US Police of to solve a series of crime case in this captivating suspects around the NY city, playing this adventure game in 3D. Investigate crime scenes and suspects for clues to reach the culprit. Playing police officer criminal case investigation games is all about bringing the suspects in for questioning as an investigation officer. Law enforcement has a big investigation games duty to perform so analyze evidence to catch the killer.

Join the world class US police investigation team and travel the NY city to solve a series of criminal activates. Get your hands on crime case, play the best investigation game. Investigate crime scenes for criminal clues, being a criminal case worker bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze their answers find out the correct criminal to justice. So be ready and prove your detective skills? You might have played crime investigation games in 2D before, so for the first time play a realistic investigation police officer capturing criminal minds. Become the best crime scene detective as metropolitan police trusted you officer. Step in csi hidden crimes and take the responsibility as an FBI investigator which is not going to be an easy task to do. Police officer criminal case investigation games allows you to suspect the guilty by a very professional way, find clues to reach the criminal, interrogate him to find the truth. The path actually consists of various hints and clues, solving which correctly, then takes you ahead towards the victory. All you have to do playing this metropolitan police officer interrogation game allows you to suspect some criminal and interrogate him. If found guilty you have the authority to arrest him and put him behind bars experiencing cop investigator job.

The criminals awaits police officer!! So act like a crime scene investigator in this law enforcement criminal case game. If you love interrogating suspects and sharp enough to understand the complex crime case in crime investigation game, this criminal chase game is tailor made for you. This FBI investigator game is not like hidden object mystery games or hidden object detective game. It’s about sheer investigation and finding the culprit. Investigating csi hidden crimes is free to download and its fun to play.

Police officer criminal case investigation games features:

5 Amazing crime games investigation levels
Amazing metropolitan police city environment
Investigate crime scenes in culprit city
be a crime case worker & find culprit
Interrogate witnesses and suspects
Bring the killer to justice

Download and play this amazing Police officer criminal case investigation games simulator game. And don’t give up the criminal chase in this metropolitan police investigation games