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Plane war : Wings of Warplane

Plane war : Wings of Warplane

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*** Realistic air combat scenes, special sound effects, make you feel in the middle!
Real 3D beautiful picture, create a movie-level visual feast; easy to understand operation, 3 minutes to open a fierce air battle, there is a rainy and dynamic weather system in the game, accurate atmospheric scattering, dazzling sunlight makes the aerial scene more realistic! Fly through many islands, seaports, hustle and bustle cities and tropical deserts! Boost your combat skills in a realistic and cool battle scene – present an exciting air combat experience with any handheld mobile device and truly enjoy a highly realistic military air combat mobile game!
***Multiple fighter options
Choose from a variety of additional equipment (engine, armor, radar, pods) to enhance the combat attributes of the aircraft. Improve the level of fighters and show your fun.
Classic realistic modern fighters and a wide variety of weapons, equipment, blueprints, build a powerful army fan museum!
*** Upgrade the fighter technology system in the institute to give your fighter a superior performance. Unique fighter upgrade system, each fighter has its own characteristics, the power of automatic missiles are different! Wait for you to build a dedicated fighter!

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