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2048 Number Puzzle Games is a simple, fun and addictive number puzzle game. Join the numbers, get to the 2048 tile and reach a high score!

Keep playing number puzzle games, thinking through it, excising your brain, you will be a expert of this cool math games. This free 2048 plus puzzle game is the most addictive fun puzzle app, you can get fun out of it and get your brain trained.

How to play 2048 game?
Swipe(Left, Right, Up, Down) to move the number tiles. The same adjacent tile will be merged into one, 2+2→4, 8+8→16, …, when 2048 tile is created, you win! Then you can continue to challenge unlimited endless 2048 plus number games, 4096, 8192, as hign score an you can, exploit brainpower extreme, conquer 2048 conundrum!

Key Features of this logic game we create:

✔ Beautiful concise user interface and visual effect
✔ Magic and unique snowflake kingdom background
✔ Infinite coolmath brain teasers, innovative logic puzzles
✔ Reset: Rearrange when you get stuck in 2048 math puzzles
✔ Undo: Back to pervious step, undo mythical number
✔ Change: Switch 2048 number tiles, be great game killer
✔ Challenge daily math master highscore in 2048 Plus
✔ Auto saved, simple and fun 2048 tile swap puzzle
✔ Fibonacci number, latin square puzzles are all in one app
✔ 2048 logic puzzles, test mind tricks, enjoy math workout
✔ Magic snowflake kingdom background, fun to play!

12 Awesome 2048 Game Modes:

Classic Mode - Classic! 3 types of classic game 2048 board size, grid square 4×4, 4×4plus, 2048 5×5.
Click & Joy - Magical! Click on number tiles to add +1, new born number tiles makes you feel crazy for 2048 deluxe games free!
Drag Mode - Legend! Have you ever play block puzzles in 2048, this it it.
Drop Mode - Funny! Brand new design, combination of 2048 magic puzzles and Tetrix block puzzle!
Combine Mode - Epic! 3 tiles with the same numbers meet, combine and.
Number Link - fantastic! 5×8, 7×8, bingo mode to clear the hexa number tiles.
Merge One - Wonderful! Tap tiles with the same number match at least 2 dots, merge to one tile digits multiplied by 2.
Merge Mode - Lively! Click at the right angles black tile, the same number tiles move closer and merged.
Digital Solitaire - Exciting! 2048 version of the number Link solitaire stack game.
Line Mode - Creative! 2048 version of match 3 puzzle game, link the same number tiles, 2→2→2→2, the longer the number tiles link up, the higher the score.
Line Up - Crazy! Variants 2048 number puzzle, tap the tiles in turn, 2→4→8→16, pop to get your largest number.
12 Legend - Coloful! Only the red and green color tiles of number 1 can be merged, the unique attainments of 2048 deluxe games.

More wonderful levels are waiting for you in the 2048 game!

Super addictive logic puzzle game
2048 is a crazy game, full of mastermind puzzles, challenge the higher score math quest, you can gain infinite fun! Advanced 2048 puzzle game can make you a math workout.

Free Download this 2048 new 2018 game and get into millions who loved 2048 number puzzles , play and win the unlimited 2048 puzzles, fight with 2048 math monsters, exercise your logical super brain!

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Whenever, wherever, no wifi, offline game, play classic game 2048 to fly your mind. Awesome super 2048 Mathway journey, comfortable 2048 number puzzle game for family.

Cool math puzzle games for all math geeks, the next math magician will be you!