Guess their age - celeb quiz

Guess their age - celeb quiz

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Guess Their Age is a great fun for everyone. Guess how old famous actors, youtubers or celebrities are. Pick one of many categories and start the game guessing as many people as you can.

You have 100 years for possible mistakes. You can try as long as there is some life left. A perfect guess gives you additional 10 years!

Available categories:
- International film stars
- Polish film stars
- International YouTubers
- Polish YouTubers
- International celebrities
- Polish celebrities
- International singers
- Polish singers
- Bollywood stars

Girls and boys, young and old - everyone will find a quiz for themselves. Intuitive and simple game won't make you ponder over the rules for hours. Just install and play! You can play on your own or use the app on the parties to play age-guessing game with your friends. Thousands of characters, many categories and constantly updated database will provide endless entertainment. Find out age of your favourite film stars, celebrities, youtubers and many more.

A perfect guess gives you another 10 years of life. Being off by 1 or 2 years gives you additional 2 years of life. But if you are off by more than 2 years, punishment awaits you - you will lose as many years as you were off by. Try to stay as long as you can, guess as many characters as possible before you use your 100 years and put your name on our Hall of Fame.