Math reflex - cool math game

Math reflex - cool math game

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Cool math game is a set of math exercises including basic math operations and memory training games. It is a brain teaser for anyone looking for mind teasers games where logic, thinking and math meet fun, enjoyment, and amusement.

Cool math game was made with love for math lovers and everyone who finds pleasure playing math games, for anyone looking to get smarter and have a brighter mind.

One of our main points in making math games is developing the math reflex. Math reflex is related to how fast your brain can process math equations, or solve math problems. Play math games and gain quick and effortless recall of basic math facts through math quizzes and math drills.

We have designed our game to be a fun and challenging family math game. So it can be educational for whoever wants to improve their math skills and boost their math reflex.

Our arithmetic game includes:

Basic math drills with arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division.
Equality quiz.
True or false math trivia game.
Memory exercises, Play and boost your memory.

Guide to play math trivia:

- Pick the right answer as fast as you can before the clock runs out, The more games you solve, the faster math reflex you develop.

We have developed our math game for everyone and we hope it would be your best brain training, where logic, thinking and math meet fun, enjoyment, amusement and lighthearted pleasure