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Parabot CB

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Parabot Custom Build - Human-like artificial player for Half-Life and some other games on GoldSrc and Xash3D game engines.

To play Half-Life with parabot, make sure you followed these steps:
1) Installed Xash3D FWGS and Parabot CB
2) Copied "valve" folder from your Steam account to your Android device. (e.g. to "xash" folder on your device storage. If you choosed another folder, make sure you are choosed this in Xash3D FWGS app)
3) Installed launchers for your loved games/mods
4) Copied mod folders to your android device

List of supported games and mods:
- Half-Life
- Bubblemod
- Deathmatch Classic
- Half-Life: Opposing Force(launcher in development)
- Adrenaline Gamer
- They Hunger: Trilogy

Full information into addons/parabot/Readme.txt

This app based on:
Parabot 0.91 by Tobias "Killaruna" Heimann
Parabot Reloaded by Wei "Whistler" Mingzhi
HPB-bot by Jeffrey "Botman" Broome
jk_botti by Jussi Kivilinna
bsdiconv by FreeBSD Project
nwreckdum by Daniel Reed and Neal Tucker