Grim Quest – Old School RPG
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Grim Quest - A Dungeon Crawler Set in a Dark Fantasy World

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Role-playing games are always fun to play because of the many elements it provides. Some of these elements include action, adventure, epic battles, awesome characters, and so on. But what if an RPG doesn’t have any of these elements, would it still be considered good? Well, Grim Quest would have something to say about that. It’s a casual role-playing game by Monomyth that doesn’t necessarily feature any of the usual features seen in RPG games.

But it doesn’t mean the game is not fun to play. Its unique gameplay is actually what makes it fun to play. Furthermore, it’s a bit challenging, which is great for those who enjoy challenging games. Let’s discuss in more detail its gameplay and how to properly play it.

The Unique Gameplay of The Casual RPG

As mentioned above, Grim Quest is not your typical role-playing game since it doesn’t have the usual elements that you’d find in an RPG. Instead, you’ll be greeted with a game that’s similar in a way to text-based gameplay, with a bit of maze exploration and a turn-based battle system. When you first play, it will feel like it’s a text-based game, similar to old-school RPGs. Then when you go out of the city to explore the world, you get to do a bit of maze exploration.

There are tiles that you can move your character around to explore the unexplored area. Apart from that, you can discover treasures, abandoned houses, or enemies. When you encounter enemies you engage in an old-school turn-based battle where you just select the type of attack you’ll perform and then it will lessen the enemies’ health. Overall, it’s a very simple game that uses classic gameplay that also makes it look like a casual game instead of a role-playing game.

Playing Grim Quest – A Dark Dungeon Crawler

When you play Grim Quest for the first time, you’d be surprised at how the game will start. It’s not your typical RPG where good graphics and epic cinematic action will greet you. What you will see, instead, is a game that uses old-school text. When you play, you need to customize the settings first. Some of these include difficulty, permadeath (permanent death), and so on. After that, you start to select the font of the text to be used and the avatar of your character (you can upload your own).

You also need to decide your character’s background, as well as the animal companion. There are descriptions for each and the boosts they provide, so pick your preference. Afterwards, you’re taken to the dashboard of the game, where you’ll undergo a tutorial. Getting started is simple, just make sure to complete the tutorial so you won’t be lost playing Grim Quest later on.

Gothic Role-Playing Game Features of Grim Quest

  • Enjoy playing the dark fantasy world that has its history and lore.
  • Battle against different enemies and bosses using a classic turn-based battle system.
  • Have fun with the various interactive text-based events.
  • Complete various quests and earn rewards and bounties.
  • Develop your character and improve your reputation in the kingdom.

Playing role-playing games is fun, including Grim Quest, even if it doesn’t feature the usual elements of an RPG. If you want to play other fun RPGs, then try playing the Aura Kingdom 2 or SAO Unleash Balding. Both are fun and awesome RPGs, which you can get here in for free.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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