I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight
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Imba Games

I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight – Download The Fun Idle RPG

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i am hero afk download PC
i am hero afk download PC free
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Role-playing games are always fun to play because of what these types of games offer to players. Action-packed battles, awesome and cool characters, and a great story. But other RPG games offer something else. Take I AM Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight for example. It’s an RPG game that’s published by Imba Games.

But what’s different about this game from other RPGs is that it’s also an idle game. This means that this RPG game has a system in place that will allow it to play on its own without much assistance.

How To Play This Idle RPG From Imba Games

This game won’t begin like most RPGs since it doesn’t show a story of how the protagonist’s journey begins. Instead, it will begin like most idle RPGs, go straight into battle where you will undergo a short tutorial on how it works. This is also where the idle stuff will be shown since your heroes will do battle automatically. They will attack the enemies and even cast spells if their mana is full.

This will make progressing easier since you won’t have to be active during the battle. But that doesn’t mean you won’t do anything, as you still have to make sure your heroes are well equipped to be able to win the battle. If your heroes are not strong enough, they will just end up losing. You also have to take into account the kind of opponents you are facing. Each unit in the game will have some sort of trait. This means they’re strong against certain traits but also weak against others.

So, you have to make sure that the heroes you are using for battle are fit to counter the opponent’s traits. Aside from making sure your heroes are prepared for battle, you also have to make sure you’re only using powerful heroes. The I Am Hero game has many different heroes for you to acquire and use. But like many RPGs, acquiring them is up to chance.

Game Features

  • Has auto battler gameplay.
  • Strategize assembling your heroes before the battle.
  • Acquire strong and powerful heroes to use in battle.

If you enjoy role-playing games like this one, then you should also try playing Nonstop Knight or Dungeon Boss. Both games are amazing RPGs that are a bit similar to the I Am Hero game. They’re also free to play, so there’s no risk in trying them out.




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