I Am Innocent
I Am Innocent download free pc I Am Innocent free full version 2
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I am innocent - Use Your Detective Skills to Solve the Mystery

I Am Innocent download PC
I Am Innocent download PC free
I Am Innocent download full version
I Am Innocent download free
I Am Innocent download PC
I Am Innocent download PC free
I Am Innocent download full version
I Am Innocent download free

What if your town is plagued with mysteries that you need to solve. And somehow, it’s all connected to you with the disappearance of your sister many years ago. This mystery revolves around the killings of teenagers, and you want to solve the problem with your detective skills. Are you ready to know the killer if I am innocent? Do you think you can answer the main question?

Get ready because you will need your wits and grit to investigate and finally solve the puzzle. Succeed in this simulation game, and catch the killer once and for all. In the i am innocent puzzle game, you will showcase your skills in solving problems. Become the best detective and bring a happy ending to the mystery. Investigate these serial killer murder cases, and know the motive behind it all.

Find Out Who the Killer is In this Text-Based Game

I am innocent is a text-based, puzzle, and mystery simulation game by Twinaleblood, which is all about the mysterious killings of people in your area. You’re the main player who plays an average Joe looking to know more about this case, and it just got personal because you found out that it’s connected to your sister’s disappearance many years ago.

You will need to open up old wounds to help you catch the killer. Get ready to know more about the suspect in this text-based simulation game. Protect your loved ones from the serial killer, talk to victims, hack computers, and make sure to solve the murder of your sister. But you need to be wary of your surroundings because you might be the next one on their list.

How to Become an Effective Detective in I am innocent

I am innocent is a text-based game, so the game will mostly happen through text. You will be talking with various characters. Some examples will be your ex-girlfriend, your friends, the family of the victims, and many more. You need to slowly come up with the solution to the problems and find out who the suspect is. At the same time, you’ll be hacking into computers and protecting your loved ones from being targeted by the serial killer. So make the right choices because it will dictate how your future will go. And finally, you need to solve the mystery and catch the one responsible in the i am innocent game.

Game Features

  • Dozens of hours of original crime scene content
  • Unsuual characters
  • Text-based simulation game with photos, videos, and calls,
  • Puzzle-solving spree
  • Gives you realistic crime scene experience
  • Dozens of Hours of Original Crime Scene Content

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