I Love Hue Too
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I Love Hue Too - Enjoy 900 Levels of Art Puzzle

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i love hue too pc download
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i love hue too for pc
i love hue too free pc download
i love hue too pc download
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Nothing can beat the enjoyment puzzle games has to offer. They’re games that will not only stimulate your mind but are also very addictive to play. These are true for puzzle games that are simple but also offer a bit of a challenge. One such game that offers this is I Love Hue Too. It’s a casual puzzle game published by Zut!. Furthermore, it’s a sequel to the popular I Love Hue game.

I Love Hue Too is a puzzle game that’s not only fun and addictive to play, but it’s also very relaxing with its psychedelic features. You will love playing it, even if you’re not a big fan of puzzle games.

I Love Hue Too – A Psychedelic Journey Into the World of Art

If you’ve played I Love Hue before, then you already know what I Love Hue Too brings to the table. But if you haven’t well, don’t worry since the game is not that hard to figure out. What makes this puzzle game great and relaxing is the use of colors. It’s a gamer where a board with different colors placed in harmony is rearranged to disrupt that harmony.

All you have to do is to rearrange it back and restore the harmonious balance that all the colors have on the board. Sounds simple right? In a way, it is, especially in the first few levels of I Love Hue Too. But as you progress further in the game, the puzzles you need to solve become more challenging. The colors start to look similar and there are more panels for you to rearrange.

But despite the challenging nature of the later levels, you’ll still try to do your best since properly rearranging all the colors can be satisfying. Afterward, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction seeing all of the colors being in harmony once again.

Getting Started with I Love Hue Too

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay of I Love Hue Too is simple and easy to learn, thanks to the tutorial in the beginning. When you start playing, you will see a board with colors arranged harmoniously. But a portion of the board will be rearranged and it’s up to you to rearrange them back and restore its color harmony.

To do that, you just drag the misplaced color and put it back in its proper place. It might sound easy, but as you encounter colors with an almost similar shade, you’ll have a hard time placing them in the right place. But it’s still an entertaining game and it will provide you with satisfaction after solving it.

Casual Puzzle Game Features

  • Enjoy the psychedelic color-based gameplay
  • A simple but fun and challenging gameplay
  • More than 900 levels for you to solve
  • Have fun with the multiple play modes the game has to offer

You can see that I Love Hue Too is a fun and awesome game to play. If you enjoy playing puzzle games, you should also try Okay? or Stealth. Both are fun puzzle games that also offer a bit of challenge. It’s worth trying them out here in Games.lol.




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