Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings
legacy of discord blade dancer legacy of discord blade dancer

Legacy of Discord – Hack & Slash Your Way to Glory

legacy of discord dark below
legacy of discord demon master
legacy of discord elf realm
legacy of discord furnace of suffering
legacy of discord dark below
legacy of discord demon master
legacy of discord elf realm
legacy of discord furnace of suffering

If you’re someone who enjoys playing action-packed games, then you should try playing Legacy of Discord–FuriousWings. Published by GTArcade, it’s an action game with role-playing elements. In this game, you play the role of one of the ancient Greek gods and battle various demons and monsters. You can also test your god’s skills and abilities in PVP and see who has the better character.

Overall, the Legacy of Discord game is fun, exciting, and full of action. There are several gods available that you can collect, and each one of them has a story to tell. Continue reading as we talk about how the gameplay of this action game works.

How the Gameplay of Legacy of Discord Works

Like with many games out there, Legacy of Discord–FuriousWings will have a tutorial. It’s where you will learn about the basics of its gameplay. Now, you can expect the entire first chapter of the game to be part of the tutorial. It is also where you’ll unlock various features like equipping items, enhancing them, fusing items, and so on. It’s important to note that this is a hack and slash game, which means during battle, you control your character’s actions.

You can move around, attack, or use skills. Skills will be locked at first, but as you reach a certain level, they will be unlocked. Using skills requires mana, and if your mana is depleted, you can’t use a skill anymore. However, you can use potions to replenish your mana.

There are three gods available for you to use in the game. You’ll select one in the beginning before you actually play. You can choose the Berserker, Bladedancer, or Sorceress. Each god possesses unique skills and abilities. The best one to use will depend on your preference. Moreover, there’s a fourth character, the Puppeteer, but it’s only available after you reach level 62 in all other characters.

Now, the goal of this action game is to make your god stronger. This would require leveling up and equipping strong weapons and gear. These things can be earned as quest rewards or as purchasable items.

You can also create or join a guild in Legacy of Discord–FuriousWings. Doing that will allow you to participate in guild exclusive events and game mode. You can also challenge other players in a PVP battle to see who has the stronger character. Ultimately, it’s a fun and exciting game that you will definitely enjoy playing.

Exciting Features of This Action Game

  • Choose from four different characters
  • Join or create guilds and participate in Guild Clash
  • Customize your character to make it as strong as possible
  • Free to play

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