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Love Story Games: Vampire Romance

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About this Game


Drama. Mystery. Romance. Vampires. Teenage love triangle. Write a list of pop-culture tropes and you will surely find them all in Vampire Romance story. This means that everyone can enjoy Love Story Games: Vampire Romance PC, no matter their age!

You don’t only follow the story; you decide how the story unfolds! Play as yourself and make the decisions. The adventure is all about you.  Customize your character the way you want. From the facial features to clothes, it’s your call. You can let your character look like you or you can go with a completely different style. It is all up to you to make the story about you.

Vampire Romance is a game with a thrilling story and even more thrilling gameplay. If you love high school romance games, then this is perfect for you.  Are you curious about everything else that Vampire Romance for the PC has to offer? Then read on to find out more about this interesting, story-driven game.


Unique Art Style

Feast your eyes on a unique set of aesthetics! Each character is vividly designed so that they will fit the game’s theme and their in-game personality. Coupled with the outstanding background music, the art style of Vampire Romance is an experience you won’t forget. It has been carefully crafted to complete the entire experience of the story. Simply put, the visuals of this game are stunning.

Once you finish Vampire Romance for PC, feel free to download all of the sequels to the Love Story Games series.  Get your free Love Story Games: Vampire Romance PC download now and get ready to fall in love with the charming characters!  If you love this type of storytelling game, you can try our other simulation games which includes Avakin Life – 3d virtual world or Design Home.

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