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About this Game

The kingdom is at war between multiple factions, and the only one can reign supreme. March of Empires: War of Lords PC is a thrilling real-time strategy game where you get to pick a nation and bring it to transcendence over all countries. Rule a mighty empire and wage war on your enemies. Play this smash-hit medieval game for free on PC. Download the March of Empires game online for free on PC.

The Nation Needs You

You are the ruling king of whatever nation you choose. Recruit soldiers, build fortresses, train archers and hire mercenaries to raise your army. However, you do not just rule over the military. You are also tasked with improving the economy, including the market and industry. To become powerful, you must gain the trust of your fellow countrymen. Create a rich land where people can thrive both financially and securely. And then, when you have happy people, there comes their loyalty towards you.

Territorial Domination

Grow your influence on a global scale. Take over multiple lands from regions and soon, other empires. However, the road to Rome comes with various intentions. You may either negotiate with other nations through diplomatic resolutions or pose threats and declare war on kingdoms that you think are more inferior.

Join Guilds and Conquer Together

In this realm, domination may not be won solely through your hand. You may also need the help of others: real-life allies that will aid you in battles both in PvE and PvP. Not only does cooperation reward you with loyalty, but it also gives you bountiful resources to keep your country progressing.

Lead with Your Champion

March of Empires: War of Lords also provides a tactical MMO gameplay where you get to pick a champion for your kingdom. This champion includes different unique skills that can help turn the tides of battles to your favour.

March of Empires: War of Lords Game Features:

  • Experience a kingdom in your own hands!
  • Get a chance to choose your own faction to fight.
  • Choose your unique champion in the match.
  • Chat and socialize with players around the world.
  • Free Play and Download

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