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Mech Legion: Age of Robots 


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About this Game

Many people would talk about how robots would have a mind of their own and control the Earth. But what if all of those images come true? In Mech Legion: Age of Robots, you will see how machines fight and destroy each other in this futuristic action game. Moreover, they could even conquer the city and many more, just like real people. Thanks to VascoGames, we get to see how the future would probably look like without humans. Enjoy this exciting game and become a ruthless killing machine!

Play Mech Legion online and explore the world of machines for free!

Learn More About Mech Legion: Age of Robots

In the Mech Legion game, you will be in a ruthless battle against all mechs. If you are ready to become a powerful killing machine, the game will give you the best experience, even if you are only a robot. There are many heavy tanks out there. Are you ready to defeat them all? In the PC version, you get to play and explore the world of mechs on a wider screen. Beat all of your enemies and become the strongest out of all the mechs.

How to Play the Game

Once you already have the game on your PC, you will experience gameplay like no other. Everything is better if the screen is bigger. Ensure that you are ready to face the action and plan your strategy ahead of time to come out victorious on the battlefield.

Before you start your battle, you will find your Assist Weapons, Mech Stats, and Upgrades on the screen. These will help you increase your chances of winning in battle. Make sure to upgrade to increase the stats of your mech. Next, choose your game mode between Campaign and Endless (where you can climb the leaderboards).

Don’t forget to select your difficulty before you start. On the left side is the controls on where your mech will go. There is also a radar to help you go to your next destination. You can fire your weapons on the right side of the screen.

Game Features

  • Choose from five mechs
  • Upgrade and customize your tanks
  • Become the best in the battlefield and claim your territory
  • One of a kind mech game in history

Expect lots of brutal firepower and vicious attacks from humanoid robots. Excite your senses and witness the eruption of mech fighting. Play Mech Legion: Age of Robots game on desktop for free and explore more Action Games like Smash Hit and Keep It Alive!

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