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1941 Frozen Front


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About this Game

Have you always wanted to play 1941 Frozen Front but don’t want to go through downloading? Well, you can now enjoy this mind-blowing World War 2 battle game in 1941 Frozen Front free online game on PC! In this mini-game, you can play and go anytime you want and enjoy the same military strategy based war game millions of players are enjoying. Take the role of a General and lead the German force through the frozen depths of Russia during World War 2. Complete several missions and rise to dominance as you use your superior tactics in commanding your own Panzer division. Play this game now and earn your stripes as a dignified Commander at the Frozen Front! ACHTUNG!


1941 Frozen Front Game Features: 

If you want a realistic feel to what it was like during the blitzkrieg battles of the last great war, then 1941 Frozen Front game is for you. Boasting detailed graphics and crisp sound design, the game will surely transport you back into the midst of the war zone. To know more features about the game, just read on below:


Realistic Sounds and Superb Graphics

Are you curious about how the world looked like back in 1941? Well, you can now experience what the war zone was like back in the day. In the very detailed 2D graphics of the map, you can see the frozen lands of Russia in bird’s eye view. The realistic sounds will also let you feel as if you were there when the historic battle happens. No need to download anything to experience the military life, just click the link and play this game and immerse yourself in the Axis campaign.


1941 Frozen Front


Several Quests With Fantastic Rewards Waiting For You

Your objective in this game is to win against the Reds and gain your stripes for bragging rights. Work your way to the top of the ladder from being a Corporal to the highest rank possible. With plenty of missions to complete, there is no doubt that this game will keep you on your screen until you are able to finish the quest. In every quest you finish successfully, you will get rewards that you can use as you move along. There are plenty of quests for you to finish and in every mission, you will play a very important role. You don’t want to let the Fuhrer down, don’t you?


1941 Frozen Front


Online Multiplayer Battles

Play against other players via online multiplayer from all over the world and showcase your fighting expertise. In the pass and play option, you can complete four missions. Each of those missions requires you to destroy the enemy no matter how you do it. Are you up for the challenge? Play this epic RTS game and reign supreme on the battlefield.


1941 Frozen Front


Unlock Several Campaigns

Unlock 10 thrilling campaigns using powerful battle tanks, infantry, artillery and warplanes in 1941 Frozen Front game. In each campaign, you are required to complete three challenging missions. If you are able to finish the game successfully then you are one step closer to your dream promotion. With the very easy-to-pick-up gameplay, this game will surely keep your hands and your mind busy. If you feel lost, there is a tutorial that you can complete first before heading to the real battle.

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