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Adventures of Indiara


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About this Game

Join Indiara as she embarks on her adventure!  Indiara loves to collect artifacts, most especially skulls so the next target on her collection are the ancient gold skulls that she needs to get from dangerous caves. However, a big rock is going to pursue Indiara, which is a very bad news for you. Join her as she avoids the traps and deep gaps. Will you make it out the cave carrying the gold skull? Adventures of Indiara PC is one of the best online games for kids!

If you’re an adventurer like Indiara, play and click Adventures of Indiara PC and join this adventure madness. Earn coins and collect all the 8 golden skulls. Challenge yourself and make sure you come out alive!


Adventures of Indiara Game Features:

A running adventure game with a female lead? Check! Fun and enjoyment at every minute of playing the game? Double check! Adventures of Indiara promises these and so much more as you tag along with our blonde adventurer on her quest to complete her skull collection. Kind of like a similar archeologist that seeks out crystal skulls and ancient temples. Read on to find out more features and reasons why fans love this game:


Play All the 8 Challenging Levels

You’re not going to embark on not just one, but 8 levels! Join Indiara as she excavates through all 8 levels of challenging journey. Don’t let the giant rock go near you and avoid falling down the chasms. Make it out alive and proceed to the next level! Even Lara Croft will break a sweat. Can you complete all levels in one sitting? Play now and take up this challenge.


Adventures of Indiara


Collect Coins and Stones

As you make your way out of the dangerous cave, don’t forget to collect coins and stones too. You will find green and ruby colored stones as you make your way towards the exit. It’s a great opportunity for you to add more items to your collection, you’re an explorer after all!


Drag Your Mouse Upwards

As you play Adventures of Indiara PC, at first you would be confused how to not make Indiara fall onto the chasm. The trick is this, to make her jump in mid-air, you should drag your mouse upwards. This will make her jump through the boxes and huge gaps, avoiding the traps and possibly out-running the giant rock.


Adventures of Indiara


Jump Over the obstacles

Traps are scattered around the cave, so you should watch out. One of these traps is an indestructible block and there are piles of them. If you decide to go straight through them and destroy them, you’ll slow down. This means that the giant rock might be just a few inches away from you. So, jump over these blocks as much as you can. The last thing you want is a flattened archeologist.


Join Indiara in This Adventure Now!

Even your kids can play this game too! Click and play Adventures of Indiara online and find out why it’s one of the best games for kids and adults alike. Collect all those skulls and complete your collection! It’s like Raiders of the Lost Ark but more suited for a younger audience!


Adventures of Indiara


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