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About this Game

All the good things are coming down! With Amazing Grabber, you get the opportunity to grab everything you can once it goes down. Don’t miss out on all the goodies! Help the pink monster to snatch everything that goes down: teddy bears, candies, worms, and a whole lot more!  You can grab the stuff by tapping the screen at the right time! You heard it right, TIMING is important! The more stuff you get, the more coins you earn! With this game, you get to spend these precious coins in the store to get over 20 unique items to customize your pink monster. The store got you cool glasses, an octopus for a pet, a suave mustache, and a bunch of other cool things! Keep on grabbing and you can purchase any item of your choice! So what are you waiting for? Grab everything now! 


Amazing Grabber


Free Amazing Grabber Online Game Features: 



This game will not leave you behind! In fact, it will give you a quick and simple tutorial at the start of the game to get you warmed up for the next rounds. You need to do as it says and from then on, do your own strategy!  


Simple Mechanics 

This game is a no-brainer! You only have to do one thing: Tap the screen! Tapping the screen will make the arms of your pink monster grab whatever is in reach! Though slightly angled higher, the arm can still grab different things falling in the screen. So, get those fingers ready to tap them at the right time! Get the right timing and be familiar with the flow of the game. Once you do, you will surely get the highest score. This game does not have any levels so you only need to aim for a better score every time you repeat the game.  


Amazing Grabber


Get the Right Timing 

One essential element in this game is the timing! If you miss out the chance to grab even just one stuff, you already lose the game! What a waste! So get that right timing and look closely. The ultimate tip is to tap once the worm, teddy bear, or candy is near you so that the moment it lands to the angle of the arm, the arm would grab it at the right time.  



One thing to do with this game, like any other, is to practice! I know it’s only a game, but it also takes a good amount of repetition before you actually do good in it! Though the mechanics are very simple and straightforward, you have to get into the pattern and right habit of tapping on time! You don’t practice the tapping, you practice the right timing! Get in the motion and practice them finger muscles as you spot the goodies coming your way! 


Fix Your Eyes 

Sometimes, there would be instances that the objects are falling so closely with each other that when you tap, chances are you’ll miss out onto the next object. If that’s the case, look closely to where the objects are located. Since it is angled, you better grab the closest goodie near the arm. If it’s closer to the angle where the finger would grab them, then you should prioritize that. Just remember to grab anything close to the arm so you can grab them at the right time and you would not miss it! 


Cute Graphics 

One good thing about this game aside from its simplicity is the cute graphics! This will surely attract the young generation, and even more so with the simple mechanics. It would be an easy crowd favorite! The cute pink monster will drive you nuts with all the goodies and cute things drawn in the game. With the vibrant colors, it will surely catch attention to the public eye and the online gamers! The color scheme made it even more fun and exciting! Play the game now! 


Collect Coins 

The more you collect items, the more you can earn coins! Earn as many coins as you want so you can buy items to customize your monster! Buy hats, glasses, and other stuff!  


Amazing Grabber


Customize Your Monster 

Aside from grabbing goodies and other stuff, you can customize your pink monster too! Buy other stuff in the store with the coins you collect! Every penny is worth it because it means you get to use it for your monster!  

What are you waiting for? Play the game, Amazing Grabber here today for free!

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