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About this Game

Want to know how it is like to be a gold digger? Well, you can try your luck with the Astro Digger game! Start by digging, collecting diamonds, gold, and other minerals in each level, and learn how to overcome every obstacle.


Along with your special laser gun, you can easily dig through levels of soil and collect every precious stone along the way. Stuck in one place? Don’t worry! You can either use the teleport button which can take you above the ground or plant a bomb to cut through hard stones within the soil!


Players have to watch out for various monsters too that are under the ground. Avoid or destroy them by using bombs, or else it will get you instead!


Astro Digger Online Game Features:


Dig Through Soil and Collect All the Gold

Play Astro Digger and see how you can be resourceful enough to collect minerals on each level! Start the game by digging through the soil to reach and collect all the gold, diamonds, and other minerals on the ground. Once you collect all these, you win and proceed to the next level! However, you have to be careful. Choose the best path that can lead you to each mineral because you cannot go back when you already dig one level down on the ground. Players only get two lives in each level, so make sure you avoid monsters and other obstacles as much as possible.


Astro Digger



Teleport, Bomb Stones, and Defeat Monsters

If you accidentally dug a lower level in the soil, or if you get stuck in an area which is surrounded by stones, don’t fret! You can push the teleport button so you can go back to the ground where you first start at each level. However, you can only teleport for at least two to three times in each level, so don’t get too comfortable.


Another way to get through obstacles is by placing a bomb. Bombs are useful when there are stones that block through a gold or diamond. You can also place a bomb underneath a gold or diamond so you can collect it for that level.


Bombs can also be used to destroy monsters or enemies that are in the ground. However, you have to be careful about placing bombs, because your character is not immune from it. Once you place a bomb, make sure you get away as fast as possible, or else you will explode with it!


Astro Digger

Upgrade Equipment for Better Protection

If you want to survive longer in each level, you can purchase upgraded suits to protect you from the usual hazard. An Armored Suit will make you immune from bomb explosions, while the Xenohazard Suit will protect you from various monsters. If speed is more important to you, then the Light Suit can help you with that! You can also purchase a one-time bomb upgrade that can help destroy stones more easily in one level.


Astro Digger


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