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About this Game

It is definitely time for some monkey business. And when it says so, it means throwing a couple of bananas! Because serious, there is fun when you combine bananas and monkeys. And if you are looking for a fun and exciting pixel game, then you should play the free Bananamania unblocked online game. In this Banabamania title from Yoshimoto and Friv, your goal is to feed the bananas to a bunch of gorillas. Nothing complex whatsoever – that is what your aim is!


As simple as the Bananamania online game sounds like, you have to be accurate at throwing bananas. It has to be at the right moment, so you can hit the boy and girl gorilla. Otherwise, you will be unable to cheese this game. RavalMatic’s pixel game is perfect for all fans of Bananamania Yoshimoto and Friv. It is a must-try game for kids and adults alike! Furthermore, you can play it together with your friends. See who is the best one when it comes to doing monkey business. There is no shortage of fun here!


Here are our favorite features:


Pixel Graphic




Who says the age of pixel titles is over? Nope, it is not – and it is even far from happening. RavelMatic brings the glory back to the pixel genre with Bananamania online game. Interestingly, the studio made sure that the pixel theme of the game is unique. As you can notice in the user interface – including the main game itself – the pixel elements are designed in a way that they do not look so pixelated. This alone brings the nostalgia back, especially to those who grew to play this type of genre. And just like any pixel games in the past, Bananamania surpasses the competition with fun and exciting elements.


Simple Yet Exciting Gameplay




The premise of Bananamania – particularly its gameplay – is that you are going to throw bananas at the boy and girl gorillas. Again, it is pretty simple. However, it gives the overall gameplay a twist by changing the costume of the gorillas each time you throw a banana at them. This alone gives you the adrenaline to pursue the throwing tactics and just keep hitting at them. Apparently, the two creatures have a number of matching costumes. So it is in your best interest to try to match them up for the remainder of the game. Bet you can, eh?


The Pacing




If you are successful at throwing bananas and hitting the gorillas, you will be able to move to the next level. But if you fail, you will lose the current level you are in. However, as you move towards another level, the game’s pace tends to go faster. It is up to you to keep up with the pace and remain the accuracy you have been holding onto. In other words, the banana spinner in the Bananamania online game moves faster and faster the longer you play the game. This is where you need to be consistent with the pace and ensure that the bananas you throw are in the right direction. Otherwise, you will fail. Try to play consistent with the pace and maintain it as possible as you can.

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