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About this Game

There haven’t been much of a selection when it comes to sports games, and most of what we can play are from the same installments that have been in the gaming scene for years now. When we talk about basketball master unblocked games, the case seems to be more unfortunate because the selection is very limited to a few games. So, if you are looking for new games to satisfy your craving for some basketball action, you do not have to worry because we have unblocked basketball master 1 and 2 games for you to download to your PC.




However, that has changed now with the introduction of Basketball Master 1 and 2 for PC. While it is not as complete as other full-pledged basketball games, the unblocked Basketball Master mini-game is guaranteed to give you a great time with its addicting game mechanics.




Basketball Master for PC is a great game if you need some lighthearted action and fun during the stressful days. With its simple controls and even simpler mechanics, you will surely get the relaxation you need while playing the game. A fair warning, though. Basketball Master for PC can get addicting at times, and if you are a die-hard fan of basketball, you will surely love the game even on the first try. Learn the features of unblocked Basketball Master for PC and continue reading the article.


Simple Basketball Controls




Basketball Master has a simple control scheme that is not hard to remember. With the use of your mouse, you have to set the angle of the ball to go in the ring. However, this is not just a simple aim-and-release basketball game. There is more to the unblocked Basketball Master 2 than meets the eye, and you have to prepare for what the game can offer you. While you progress in the game, you will meet different challenges, however, the goal does not change. That is to shoot the ball in the most creative way imaginable. There are various obstacles that you will encounter such as blockades and moving rings. You need to aim properly and shoot the ball to win the game.


A Different Kind of Challenge


basketball-master 2-unblocked


The mechanics of unblocked Basketball Master for PC download can either entertain or frustrate you. It is an entertaining game because you will be amazed at how simple the goal is in the game. You just have to shoot the ball into the hoop. Set your aim with the use of your mouse and that’s it. You also need to take note that there are different points that you can get when you shoot the ball. Players will get 1 point when they shoot the ball with many bounces in the ring. To get 2 points, you have to shoot the ball with only one bounce. You will get 3 points if the ball touches nothing but the net on its way to the hoop. Try to always get 3 points so that you can beat your high score.


What can be frustrating in the game is the fact that the game is over if you are not able to shoot the ball. It is frustrating because if you have been playing the game for a long time and is trying to get far, one mistake can ruin your momentum. Try not to bang your keyboard when that happens.


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