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Cat lovers looking for cat dress up games, celebrate! You can neow play the addictively kawaii Beauty Cat Salon mini-game while surfing the net or simply killing time on your computer. In this amazing cat games for kids, you can bring out the fur-rociousness in you as you mess up the style of the adorable cats waiting for grooming. Beauty Cat Salon offers several stages that the player must complete in order to be promoted from an assistant groomer to a cat stylist. Complete the required look for those cute felines and don’t get caught or else you’ll get fired. Are you ready for some nyan-stop mischief? Play the Beauty Cat Salon PC game now and get ready to have loads of fun! If mew are into cute cat games, this is purr-fect for you!


Beauty Cat Salon


Beauty Cat Salon Game Features:

Beauty is the name of the game in Beauty Cat Salon. Starting from its exquisite anime-styled animation, that promises a feast for your eyes. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s a game that features cats, cats and more cats! Who doesn’t love cats right? Read on to find more game features about Beauty Cat Salon:


Beauty Cat Salon


Cute Anime-style Animation

Beauty Cat Salon features a Japanese-inspired animation where Brenda (the mischievous assistant) and Gabriel (the boss) look like the usual anime trope characters. As for the cats, you won’t help but unleash the inner weeb in you and screaming out SUGOI and KAWAII DESU NE. Look, it’s all Japanese and stuff that features all the neko goodness. You get the picture.


Beauty Cat Salon


Plenty of Challenging Stages to Complete

Have loads of fun and excitement completing several challenging stages! This would never make it into our fun cat games list if it served nothing special. Make sure that the cat gets the best grooming. Before entering the game, you will be shown a picture catalog of the look you need to achieve for your cat. Do the same style as in the picture and you’ll get the purrfect three stars. Simple as that.


Beauty Cat Salon


Can You Win Without Getting Caught?

In this game, you are a naughty salon assistant who wants to give these neko-nekos a unique make-over. Primarily, you will have to give the cats a makeover while your boss Gabriel is busy on the phone. Take note, a time limit activates during cat grooming so you better haul your butt before the period ends. At the same time, you have to move fast and observe. Most importantly, you need to take hints as to when Gabriel will be done chit-chatting on the phone because if she catches you messing with the cat’s hairstyle, it’s game over and you will get fired. Do you think you can style the cats without getting caught?


Beauty Cat Salon


How Fast Can You Groom A Cat?

In the first level you only have three minutes to groom the cat. However, three minutes may not be not enough especially when Gabriel ends the phone call too soon. Most importantly, you have to act as quick as possible before the time runs out.

Hint: Once Gabriel’s eyes move, the phone call is about to end so be quick to act as if nothing happened. As the game goes on, your progress bar slightly declines when you are not working on the cat so you have to find ways to sneak before your progress bar goes down to zero.

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