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About this Game

Ever encounter those plastic bubble wraps? Everyone loves popping them. Come on, if you don’t find it satisfying, are you even human? Popping them feels good and it becomes an addiction at times. No one knows the reason behind why but as long as we feel great and doesn’t do us any harm we can just keep on popping! But what if you’re here to kick butt and pop bubble wraps…and you’re all out of bubble wraps? Introducing a one of a kind bubble popping game, Blop designed by Samuele Sciacca!

Blop is unlike any other free online games to play. It is simple, fun, and easy to understand. The main objective of the game is to pop as many bubbles as you can within a limited amount of time. Bubbles appear one by one everywhere and you have to pop them as fast as you can to get more points. Their sizes also change, so you have to make sure that you are accurate and precise before popping the bubble. Avoid clicking the wrong bubble in order for you not to lose a point. One wrong click will be equivalent to a reduction of a point. Blop is one of’s best online small games in the collection.

Challenge your friends and get the highest score possible within your group!

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Blop Game Features:

Popping plastic bubble wraps has taken a new form in the game Blop! In it, you need to pop as many bubbles as you can in a pressure-cooker environment. Think you have what it takes? But wait, read on below to see some the game’s fun features:


Simple and Fun




The Blop mini games have a very simple and fun game dynamic. All you have to do is pop as many bubbles as you can within a limited time. The bubbles can be easily popped using your mouse cursor. Despite the simplicity, it’s still a fun game to play since everyone loves popping bubbles. Plus, the sound it makes every time you pop a bubble makes it even more addicting. It’s just eargasm. Games like this cater to all ages whether you are young or old. But it is most suitable for very young kids especially those who loves popping bubbles. It is a nice game to spend your spare time with and enjoy playing it with your kids as well.


Develops Reaction Time




The game is also a great way to hone and develop your skills in reaction time. Since the bubbles appear anywhere, you will be challenged to pop it as fast as you can to gain the highest score possible. Moreover, you must react quickly and pop the bubbles at once since the time is only limited. Another beneficial thing that this game brings to its users is that it practices their accuracy and precision when clicking their mouse cursors. Practicing these kinds of skills might not matter today but can be very beneficial in the long run especially when you get older. Games like this that challenges the brain to react fast and do it as quickly as possible can prevent mental deterioration when you age. Thus, playing this game will give you enjoyment as well as the beneficial things that it can bring to your health.


Quick to Play

Blop online game is quick to play and can be played as much as you like. With only twenty seconds to play for each session, it is very fast paced. So you have to act quickly and pop as many bubbles as you can.

Develop your skills! Click & play Blop now free online for PC!

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