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Bomber Friends


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About this Game

Get ready and plan your escape in Bomber Friends online as you encounter orcs, spiders, robots and other obstacles along the way. Experience the excitement of planning your escape plan as you strategically plant the bombs around the maze! If you miss the classic Bomberman days in the arcade and Playstation, then let this game satisfy your bomber craving!

Equip your hero with helpful items to make the escape fast and easy. Earn gems to upgrade your items, play all the levels in the map and improve from being a rookie to an experienced player. Use your bombs wisely, get the key and get out of that maze to proceed to another one. Bomber Friends is an exciting game with easy controls which players will surely love.

Click and play Bomber Friends for PC and have fun playing and bombing those enemies. Once you start playing one level, you’ll definitely get hooked and will want to finish all levels!


Bomber Friends Game Features:

Do not be fooled by Bomber Friends’ dynamic multiplayer and singleplayert mechanics. Every level is challenging and every quest will require your utmost focus. On the flip side, the game has customizable characters and a multiplayer mode that will keep you glued to your screen. Get ready for a bombastic experience! Read on to find more features on the game:


Play the Explosively Challenging Quests and Levels

You’ll never run out of fun while playing Bomber Friends unblocked because of the challenging quests and levels! Play against orcs who seem to become faster as the levels progress. Spiders and other obstacles will taunt you as you make your way through the maze trying to find the key. Your strategy skills would be tested as you plan your way out of that level and proceed to another one. Play the Robot Quest too to see how fast and smart you can get!


Bomber Friends


Bomber Friends


Customize Your Character

One of the features that players love about Bomber Friends online is the character customization.

Do you want your hero to have gray hair with an ice cream hat? You can do so! Experiment with looks. Change the hair color, choose among the different types of hat, style with a bodysuit and even customize your greetings!

One more thing, you can customize the looks of your bombs! Amazing, isn’t it? The bombs are deadly but they don’t have to look like one. Go with the style you want and experience the game in a whole new level.


Bomber Friends


Earn Gems and Other Rewards!

Earn more gold as you play so you can buy more gems. The gems will give you power-ups so you can complete all the levels in single player mode. Make a combination of these gems to create a more powerful one, which in return gives you more power-ups to win the game. It’s exciting how your game could be changed by the combination of gems you do. So, beat all the levels in single player mode by acquiring as many gems as you can.


Bomber Friends


Bomber Friends


Use the Amazing Power-ups

Without the power-ups, it would be difficult for you to beat your enemies. With the help of the gems, you can acquire power-ups that will add more health to your hero, increase your movement speed, give you a shield against enemies, add more bombs on your arsenal and increase the power of the bombs. Before you play the game, don’t forget the click the “Helpers” tab. The game would be then easy for you because of these power-ups.


Play in Multiplayer Mode

Share the fun with your friends! Challenge them and bomb them before they can defeat you. Bomber Friends multiplayer online is more fun if you play it with others.

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