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About this Game

Doctor games are abundant online but a lot of them can be a bit too bizarre than the usual. In fact, they tend to be more disgusting than any M-rated bloody video game. However, Brain Doctor is a game that that’s more subtle than its competition. The grossness is still there (in a good way) but for some reason, this game is more accessible than the rest!

You are a brain surgeon who must treat 4 patients with their diseases in the brain. Diagnose them with the right tools, then open their heads to clear out all the residues that lie within them!

Inject them with anesthesia, fill up the holes with an antidote that can help with their regeneration and pluck out disgusting viruses that lay inside their brains!


Brain Doctor Game Features:

Brain Doctor mixes the seriousness of surgery games for adults and the lightness of casual games to play. As you play the doctor, you have the power to help and heal at least four patients and nurse them back to health. Aside from this, if their prognosis is serious, you have the ability to operate on them and find the cause of their malady? Sounds like fun right? Read on to know more features about this game:


Pick 4 Patients of Your Choosing

There aren’t any linear levels here. You are given the freedom to choose 1 of 4 patients at a time and do whatever you please to get them healed once again.

Don’t worry if you think they have different personalities or if you’re concerned that they might resist during surgery. They’re all in need of you and it’s up to you to make sure that they’ll be alright after the treatment.


Brain Doctor


Easy Surgery

If you think this is like one of those doctor games that have complex controls, tools and lots of micromanagement, you don’t have to worry one bit about Brain Doctor. It removes all those difficulties and leaves out all the essential basics that a player of any age can pick up and play.

Each stage has a guideline for you to do such as holding a syringe and inject it on a patient, pressing the pump repeatedly to check their blood pressure, and simple taps on to cavities to patch them with bandages.


Brain Doctor


Over 4 Fun Surgeries To Do

You can go through over 4 stages in the game that you can choose from the get-go!

Do a standard diagnosis on the patient by checking their heartbeats, taking their blood pressure, and even electrocuting them (for some reason). Be a dentist too by checking the condition of their teeth and mouth even though they’re not related to the brain but the dev team for some reason still put it in there, and see if they’re nervous about the surgery all in all.

On one stage you have your patient has cavities located throughout his/her brain. It’s your job to clean them and fill them with medical treatments.


Brain Doctor


On the third stage, you get to clean out the internal bleeding of their brainwashing out all the blood clots, swabbing the open wounds and stitching all the open areas.

On the last stage, the patient has a very serious condition of highly-revealing viruses that are stuck onto their brains. It’s your job to pluck them out one by one and seal off their roots so they don’t have to grow once again. Does that exist in real life? Fortunately, it doesn’t.

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