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About this Game

These mice are on their way home, but they got stuck in a barrage of bubbles that floated them high in the air and got them stuck in in the bubbles. It is your job to get them back to their homes. And it is also your job to pop all the bubbles so that mice will not get stuck in them anymore.

This awesome game lets you have your fun with an active dose of mental excitement. This is not just a fun game to play; it is also a great mind game that will help keep you alert and active. It is a great game to play, but to complete every level, you need to use your wit and move on to save more mice and unlock secrets.


Bubble Hero 3D


Bubble Hero 3D Game Features:


Cute Details and Great Graphics

Don’t you just think the mice are absolutely adorable? We would not often hear that in the real world. But in this game, these tiny critters sure are cute. And you cannot help but pity them when they are all stuck in a bubble.

The game features amazing 3D animation with great graphics. If you really think about it, the game looks like as if it was created after a movie. Still, the game delivers awesome, high-quality visuals, making your gaming experience even more exciting as you play along. The sound effects are also cute, urging you to move along to the rhythm while you play.


Bubble Hero 3D


Fun Gameplay and Mental Exercise

It is no doubt that the game is totally fun. Just watching all those bubbles pop before your eyes can be really amusing. This is a great educational game that you sure would love your kids to try. Even younger children can play this game on your computer since they can definitely learn how to match up the colors and survive every level.


Bubble Hero 3D


Cool Special Bubbles and Rewards

The game has tons of bonus entertainment. There are some special bubbles that you can unlock; you can even get rewards while you play the game. You also get the chance to have a more appealing gameplay when you use those special bubbles and move from one level to the next in such a breeze.

Even before playing the game, you get a list of cool special bubbles. You get bubble bombs, line breakers, or line poppers; there is also a special bubble that gives you a longer aim and many more!


Bubble Hero 3D

80 Levels of Challenging, Bubble-Popping Gameplay

What you will love about this bubble-popping game is that even if it is a mini-game, you get tons of levels to play with. So you are going to look forward to going back to this game; especially when you have nothing to do and just want to pass the time. The levels are challenging, and each one can really give you that boost of excitement that you are looking for.


Bubble Hero 3D

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