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About this Game

Oh, look, Bubble Shooter! A timeless classic where you get to shoot… well, bubbles! Before the era where mini games have become oversaturated on the internet, there existed a mini game that everyone wanted to get their hands on and it was this: Bubble Shooter.

If you feel nostalgic or haven’t played the game before, we highly recommend you try this one out! It’s a popping mix of good retro arcade gameplay of catapulting bubbles onto a particular formation and when it hits at least 2 bubbles of the same color, they pop and get you points!

It’s an old-school arcade and simple controls under levels that have progressively challenging difficulties. What’s not to love here?

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Bubble Shooter Game Features:


One of the Original Arcade Bubble Shooters Remastered for the Current Generation

Bubble Shooter already speaks for itself – you shoot bubbles using a catapult/slingshot/cannon onto a set of bubbles. This one we have in particular is the real deal – one of the frontier games that started it all now comes in a remastered and overhauled flavor.

Get popping with brand-new graphics as you’ve never seen before in bubble shooter games. Highly explosive bubbles will come your way in every few seconds of the game that happen if you got the precision and skills of a bubble sharpshooter.

It has been critically acclaimed for its well-balanced shooting mechanics and fair gameplay in a sea of challenges that range from baby egg easy to dauntlessly hard puzzles.

Will you be the master of bubble shooting or will you float away and pop trying?


Bubble Shooter


Challenges Become Greater as the Game Goes On

You’ll start out with the basic formations and few colors to get you started just as soon as you hit the Play button. Once it begins, you must now figure out where to place your bubbles and how you can do several multipliers at once. It’s going to be easy at first but the more you progress, the greater the challenges become and at the same time, you’ll be reward with more points than ever before.

As each level passes, you will encounter more and more colors to tackle and match as well as different canvas formations that will have you thinking before launching your next bubble.

But you have to act fast, though. The level will have no time to wait for you and them more you idle, the smaller the canvas will become!


Bubble Shooter


No Power-Ups, No Boosters, Just Classic Bubble Shooter Gameplay

This is what makes the original Bubble Shooter so special. It doesn’t have any of those superpowers in which you can clear off large chunks of bubbles easily. This game rather has you pitting yourself against a wall of difficult puzzles to solve, requiring your purest skills of accuracy and analysis while being as fast as the canvas slowly crumbles in every 3 turns.


Bubble Shooter


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